Thermal halls

We offer thermal halls in widths of 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m. Length of the halls is unlimited, and the halls can be extended in modules of 5 m in length.

The load-bearing structure is made of aluminium profiles, connected with steel inserts. Height of the halls in the side wall can range from 2.5m to as much as 8m.

The roof of the thermal halls is made of a double layer of air-filled tarpaulin which forms an additional insulating layer (inflatable roof), while the walls of the hall are made of sandwich panels. Thanks to this configuration, a stable temperature can be maintained inside the hall.

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Sizes of thermal halls

Selected implementations of thermal halls

View selected implementations of thermal halls for our customers.

The most popular accessories for warehouse halls

The most frequently selected accessories for warehouse halls

Walls made of trapezoidal sheet metal

One of the wall options for our marquee halls are walls made from 0.55 mm thick T18 or T35 trapezoidal sheet metal.

Sandwich panel walls

We use 60 mm thick sandwich panels as standard. At request we use panels with a thickness of 40-100 mm.

Tarpaulin sides

The tarpaulin material we use for roof and wall sheathing is certified as flame-retardant and has a weight of up to 650g/m2. The standard colour in our product range is white.

Anti-condensation soffit

Made of vapour-permeable material, it collects and drains away moisture caused by the temperature difference inside and outside the marquee hall, protecting the contents of the warehouse. The membrane additionally improves the thermal insulation of the roof.

Sliding gates on support frames

We manufacture sliding gates on any side of warehouse halls. Depending on their location, sliding gates can be up to 8 m wide and 6 m high.

Sunproof roof

An additional membrane that protects the warehouse contents from the heat of the sunrays. Used for the storage of foodstuffs, industrial gases and other heat-sensitive products.

Technical lighting

We install LED or halogen lighting dedicated to marquee halls. Once we have received the dimensions of the warehouse hall, we propose suitable lighting solutions

Warehouse halls – planning, construction and rental

At Namplan, we are well aware of the importance of efficient logistics solutions – both for handling and storage. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a perfect insight into the expectations of the market – more than 5,000 customers from Poland and abroad have already trusted us.

Namplan is involved in the construction of warehouse halls of various sizes for the diverse sectors and activities of our customers. The structures we design can take a variety of forms – all depending on expectations of our customers.

The rental of warehouse halls is just as important to us – we offer both the transport of the structure to the specified location as well as its installation and eventual uninstallation. With our warehouse halls, our customers can effectively store their products without worrying about damage or exposure to adverse weather conditions. At the request of the customer, the halls can be divided up internally, providing space for the storage of various types of products. There is also the option of a rest and refreshment room for employees.

High-quality warehouse halls from the Namplan company

We offer our customers warehouse halls with the highest quality and safety standards. Our warehouse halls feature different types of side walls. They are made of high-strength T18 or T35 trapezoidal metal sheet, which is 0.55 millimetres thick. The second option is the walls made of sandwich panels, which are 60 millimetres thick. At the special request of our customers, we also use panels with a thickness of 40 to 100 millimetres.

We also offer our customers hall sides made of tarpaulin – we use them for the side walls and roofs. The tarpaulins we offer hold a flame-retardant attestation and have a weight of up to 650 g/m2. We offer them in white as standard.

The rental of warehouse halls is extremely important, which is why we offer soffits of the highest quality in order to satisfy our customers. We offer our customers soffits that prevent water condensation – they are made of vapour-permeable material that collects and drains away moisture arising from temperature differences outside and inside the hall. The warehouse halls are equipped with sliding gates on support frames – depending on their location, they can be 8 metres wide and 6 metres high. Namplan also offers a roof that guarantees non-permeability from the sunrays – extremely important when it comes to warehousing food or heat-sensitive materials, for example. For the convenience of our halls, we provide the option of installing technical lighting – halogen or LED lighting.

All-year-round insulated halls

Our products are suitable for use all year round. Our range of products includes, inter alia, a warehouse marquee that creates optimal conditions for storing foodstuffs. However, some goods require a higher temperature, so in this case we can offer you insulated warehouse halls. We manufacture them from special materials and use a construction that provides good thermal insulation. The warehouse marquee can be adapted in size to meet your specific needs, making it a practical alternative to traditional warehouses. The insulated halls we offer are ideal for storing plants in winter or other goods that need to have specific conditions. Furthermore, such a warehouse guarantees greater comfort for personnel during the winter season. Insulated halls are cheaper to maintain than traditional buildings, and they fulfil their function just as well all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.

We encourage you to read our full offer, which includes banquet halls, marquee halls and event halls.

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